Photographer and videographer William Strutin is best known for his short films “War of the Rose” and “Endgame” promoting the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park, NY. He works in the greater New York metropolitan area where he is currently focused on portrait and editorial photography. His film and still work uses fully saturated color and fluid mise en scène to engage the viewer in the emotional depth of a scene without sacrificing detail or realism. In his photographic work, he seeks to create a tangible dialogue between subject and viewer.
William was born in New York, NY in the early 1980s and began his love affair with art early, when he started to draw at just two years old. He developed his eye and artistic voice through the study of illustration before first working as a graphic designer, then eventually returning to college to complete his degree. He first picked up a camera as a favor to a friend, and has since fully immersed himself in the art of the lens. Among his influences are his grandfather, a professional illustrator active in his early childhood, and Christian Montone, valued teacher and supporter.
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